Hi my name is Raymond Rakes. I am 46, and I live in the United States. With my wife and son and our 6 pets.

I am currently working at a full time job and running an online business. It is my goal to be working full time online, with in the next 6 month’s. I love the money and time freedom that the online lifestyle can bring, Soon I will be living it to the fullest.

It is my goal with this site to give people honest product and software reviews with integrity. I will also be giving you training so that you too can make a living from online marketing also.

I have purchased and been thru many of the make money online offers that are out there, so I have learned to tell when a product is good or just full hype to get you to buy it. That is why I make sure my reviews and opinions are totally honest.I do not want you waisting your time and money on garbage products.

Enjoy this site and be ready for reviews and information with integrity

Raymond Rakes