Tips For Optimal SEO For Your Blogs and Website

Tips for optimal SEO for your blogs and website.

So firstly I want you to comment below let me know what you guys have done in terms of SEO.

Does the content or do you think it should be long do you think it should be short?

Comment below and let me know or what specific questions that you have related to content or SEO.

How long did my blogpost need to be on my website for optimal SEO now let’s get into it.

So the first thing I want to show with you is the content is should be as long as it needs to be.

Google what they care about is not about how long or how short the content is.

What they care about is they want people to go on your content on your website.

Actually stay on there read your content engage with you find a relevant to them.

The keyword is relevant to them and then be able to get value from it and then be able to continuously come back over and over again.

It doesn’t matter about the length long or short now ideally if you could choose between short or long content you want to make it as long as possible or at least have it to the point to your specific audience.

That’s another thing you want to keep it light it’s all about two factors the audience that you’re writing for.

You’re creating content for do they engage more with the videos engage more with the written content.

So if your going to have a video that’s 5 to 10 minutes long you’re going to want to embed that video on to your website.

When someone searches for whatever search term this video is let’s say how to long-form or show from content via SEO question mark.

Let’s say and then someone clicks on the post via Google organic search.

They land on the page they click

on the video and they’re watching

it that’s even better that’s that’s what Google cares about they care about the time on sit.

Then if there’s a short form content for this specific video or long-form and the audience can just scroll through and read the headlines which is what most people do in most audiences.

They don’t read most of the body content they read the main headlines to get the value, so again the to answer your question in short no it doesn’t matter if it’s short or long form content.

If you had to choose between the two it depends on your audience and of course short form content will save you time so you got to see like different facets of this.

The second thing is what Google only cares about is that when you’re trying to reaching on when they type Google or for example any search engine or any social network books.

On that link and they go to your website how long do they stay there and also at the same time the bounce rate.

Also how many pages did they visit afterwards so those are the three things you want to keep in mind.

That’s what they care about the worst thing and be the death of Google.

Would be if Google saw people and they had a ton of search be searched whatever you go into article you find it it’s completely unreal.

You keep bouncing off

of every single person did not find Google useful and that’s in that sense you couldn’t find anything that you want to search.

Then Google would die they would lose their entire business model so that’s why that’s the most important thing is they keep their searches very relevant.

They make sure that the content that you produce the website that you have it keeps the target audience attention.

That’s why you want to make sure your website speaks to your audience specifically it solves their problems and helps some achieve a result.

I say this a lot solve a problem

or achiever result that’s because, those are the only two reasons why anybody would do anything and in life and in business.

So you want to focus on creating content around that and some secret hacks you can do you can go on Quora.

You can go to Amazon reviewed Amazon reviews you can use bassoon where to find the most popular type of content that’s social socially shared.

To use a basis to build off your own content so that’s it I asked the question.

I would give you some more additional details too so you get like more of a overall broad knowledge about what it takes to be able to rank things.

So I want you comment below let me know what sort of insight so you guys have.

What questions you have related to what I just shared with you.

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